Beauty Locked In Every Grain

Our Story

I love designing and creating beautiful artwork out of timber for the most wonderful women in the world; Karen, my lovely wife; Bernadette, our spirited 4-year-old; and my darling 1-year-old, Anya. My first pieces were built for them, and each work continues to be inspired and assisted by them. Bernadette's little hands occasionally even help with the olive oil and beeswax finishing.

My helper, Bernadette


My day job is at a fantastic software company which is extremely well-run and well-managed. One part of my soul that it does not fill, though, is the desire to create something real and lasting. Through woodsmithing, I have the chance to escape from the virtual world, create something real, and work with something as natural, beautiful, and tangible as wood.  

Having fun with a wood working piece of art!

My wife stays home to raise our beautiful girls, but has always had great professional aspirations as well.  It is so wonderful to get to watch her flourish and shine in her new role as my business partner, designer, and marketing and communications liaison.  She plays an absolutely integral role in the style, concept, and 3D design phase of my pieces. Karen pretty much has a hand in all parts of the artwork.  She has impeccable taste and appreciation for uniqueness and beauty. I love to bounce all of my ideas off of her. 

Our beautiful girls!

The first big piece that I crafted was a king size bed for my wife and me. The plan was to finish it before our new mattress arrived three weeks after the order was placed. However, we suddenly learned that it was going to arrive the next week! So I built a king size bed in a week working in the evenings after work. My wife was so pleased and impressed that she posted photos on Facebook.  This ended up being one of the most popular posts my wife has ever made, and that's saying something considering all the popular cute baby-related posts she makes!

I was inspired by the positive attention this post garnered, as well as requests for furniture that I began receiving.  I have known for some time that I wanted to start my own business creating something unique, but until this point, I wasn't quite sure what.  With this encouragement and the unfailing support and assistance of my wife, I created Timberlocked . This is an all-American business, run by our family out of our home in North Florida, looking to create something beautiful for your home.  

One important aspect of our mission is our burning desire to make a difference in the world.  My wife and I both see the great unjustices, the pain and suffering, the sadness in our world, and we want desperately to be able to help. We are hoping that, God willing, we will be greatly successful and one day have the means to start our own charities and foundations, particularly to aid the Christians facing extermination in the Middle East, as well as babies and mothers in desperate situations.

In addition, I just love creating pieces that seem to tell a story of age and permanence in our ever-changing, fast-paced world. Each piece is signed by us in an inconspicuous spot and is the genuine article.  I love innovating and crafting pieces that haven't been seen before, like our Illuminations line of furniture.

Since my wife and I are very interested in the health and wellness of our family and are always looking for the least toxic options in life, all our stains and sealants are made in-house, are environmentally friendly, and non-outgassing,  We know you will appreciate this too. 

We look forward to helping you add more warmth and beauty to your home!