Beauty Locked In Every Grain

You place your order and we work to get your handcrafted piece of art to you. We do not have a huge stockpile of factory-produced items just laying around. Often, each item is designed and created after your order. No two pieces are alike and each is incredibly unique. 

The wood is hand-selected by me for its uniqueness and individuality. I look for pieces of wood that have the most character and that sing style.

We design each piece to highlight the natural beauty of every piece of wood that goes into it. My wife makes the final reviews of the designs to make sure that they really are the best of the best. 

The wood is then taken to my shop and I begin crafting it. It is all cut and crafted according to the design. The piece is then distressed (often by babies) to give it depth and permanence.

It is stained with a highly concentrated tea to impart tannins to the wood, and then a vinegar steel wool solution is added to age the wood.

The wood is then sanded and more coats of vinegar steel wool solution are added between each layer of sanding.

Finally, it is finished with a coat of beeswax and olive oil which gives it an all-natural, non-toxic sheen. The end result is an eye-popping 3-D effect that highlights the beauty of your all-American handmade work of art.

The piece is packaged and shipped to your door with extreme care by a provider who delivers our works with a "white glove" service. 

You get to enjoy a beautiful handmade work of art made by a family who just loves creating beautiful, lasting pieces that will truly help to make your house a home.