Beauty Locked In Every Grain

The Launch

Philip KempfComment

It's kind of hard to believe this day is actually here...we are really going live!  You will actually be able to see our brainchild, our labor of love, the dream we have been working towards...this is it.

And when I say "we," and "our," I mostly mean my husband, Philip's.  Yes, I have been there since the beginning to brainstorm, critique, make suggestions, help with designs, and do a little of the physical labor (read: paint tea onto wood), but Philip is really the one who has poured his heart, soul, and sweat into this business and our products.  He is the one who has provided the driving force, the dedication, and the "go-get-'em" attitude that is absolutely crucial in launching your own business.

When I say that my husband is amazing, I want you to understand that is an understatement.  He is truly the most wonderful, giving, hard-working, selfless, loving, thoughtful, joyful, dedicated man I know, and I literally never even dreamed I would meet someone like him, let alone get to marry him!  I am so blessed to have been by his side to help him dream up and start this business, and am incredibly excited to see where it takes us.  I believe in Philip and in our products 110%, and I just know you will love them!

Philip's love for all things beautiful and his dedication to excellence truly shine through in what he builds, and those are traits that he expresses every day (a particular day comes to mind, which included a sunrise on the beach, a special lunch, an air boat ride, holding a baby alligator, parasailing against the backdrop of the setting sun, and a sparkling diamond and emerald ring...but that's another story for another time!).  The man dreams big, and I love him so much for it.

So, here is the product of many hours of brainstorming, tweaking, testing, building, and of course, laughing...

Welcome to Timberlocked.  We hope you love it here.