Beauty Locked In Every Grain

The Blessings of 2015


Merry Christmas!  Yes, even though the stores (and probably all your neighbors) have taken down their decorations, the radio stations have stopped playing Christmas music, and society is already on to the next thing, it IS still Christmas!  Right now, I am sitting by our gorgeous, glowing Christmas tree, watching Philip and Bernadette roast marshmallows over our crackling fire, and trying to relish this season despite the fact the rest of society has already passed it by.

A few days ago, as 2016 was approaching, I was reflecting on the past year and was really blown away and humbled by how truly amazing it was for us.  Really, it was just awesome.  We got to know, cherish, and snuggle Anya (who was born at the very end of 2014), we finished and moved into our beautiful custom home, Philip has been excelling at work, I felt I finally found my groove and have been able to genuinely enjoy motherhood, we launched this business.....!!!  I know this sounds cliche and you may doubt its sincerity, but I truly just can't believe what an awesome family and life I have been blessed with.  I love our home, the joy and fun my husband brings to our family, the dynamic between all of us, the laughter, smiles, and snuggles we share...it's just awesome.  I feel so undeserving of everything God has given me, but I try my best to make Him proud and glad that He did give me so much.

We have been incredibly blessed this past year, and we are so excited to see what 2016 will bring.  We hope that you have had a blessed Christmas season as well, and that you have felt the warmth of loved ones, the joy of the infant Jesus, and seen the excitement of Christmas in reflected in the eyes of a child.

Now, go enjoy Christmas while it lasts!