Beauty Locked In Every Grain

New Nightstands!


They're done, they're done!  I'm so excited!

Look how cute our room looks now!

Philip started building these nightstands to go with our bed before we even moved into our house (almost a year ago).  He was building them in my parents' garage, and he ran out of stain and just never got around to finishing them for a long time, as he does have quite a few other important things to occupy his time.  The cats didn't mind, though - apparently, on top of being super nice nightstands, these pieces also make excellent kitty forts.

I think they look quite stunning, don't you?  I just LOVE that my husband can make me beautiful things like these!  Our room feels so much more legit now.  I feel we are finally settling in to our house and making it more "homey", which I am so excited about.  I almost feel like a real live grown-up! ;-)

What do you think of them?  Would you like us to sell something like this?